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SVS (street vs. studio) consists of choreographers/co-founders, Lynn Corcuera and Lorelei Tolosa – two completely self-taught hip-hop dancers based in Vancouver, BC who have been choreographing and performing for over 15 years. As key members of the dance crew Explicit, formed in 1994, they have performed at countless concerts, nightclubs, and special events, and have made several television and film appearances. Since 1997 they have taught hip-hop dance classes, students of which performed at various community events and went on to win many dance competitions. They have choreographed for and performed with a variety of recording artists and groups, as well as numerous dance groups and soloists. Sharing their unique style of hip-hop has always been their motivation and they hope to continue to do so through SVS.

In addition, Lynn was an original member of the Fly Antics B-girl Crew who competed in the 2003 Los Angeles Urban Dance Festival and won 1st place in their category. As well, she is one of Vancouver’s few female DJ’s known for spinning hip-hop, r n b, funk and soul - DJ Bles-sed
. Lorelei’s other talents in the arts include singing, spoken word, poetry, painting, and photography. Having graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts Major in Film, she has worked on the production of over 50 feature films, TV commercials, and music videos.

Some of our past projects include: A detailed resume may be available upon request.


“Dancing with SVS is so refreshing because of the fresh choreography and creative performances. The classes are challenging (in a good way) and the class atmosphere is always energetic and fun.”

“The moves are very original and that’s probably my favorite part of this crew. I know how hard it is to just keep squeezing the creative juices to keep the moves fresh, and you guys do an amazing job of it. The way the moves are broken down and taught are also very well done. Teaching a whole class is challenging but you two are very comfortable with it and I can appreciate your methods…and enthusiasm! By far one of the better dance classes I’ve had the opportunity of experiencing. Thanks!”

“Dancing with SVS has helped me to find my own style. It definitely taught me the importance of precision and emotional expression. I had an awesome and valuable experience with the other dancers and instructors. This is something I hope to be doing until I’m 63.”

“Where can you find sick beats, hot routines and the finest dance teachers? SVS classes!!! Never missing the beat, they incorporate hip-hop, break dancing, and house to every original routine. From day one, they never failed to impress and challenge me. As a lover of music and dance they have definitely given me the chance to do something I love to do.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class. You made it comfortable for new comers (like myself) and displayed an abundance of enthusiasm…Thanks for the patience and good times!”

“I really, really enjoy the class!!! It’s upbeat and fun!!! You guys are great instructors! Very friendly and have lots of patience. Good at answering questions and going through the routine. The moves are sexy and look cool when doing them. Overall, I enjoy the class and I’m looking forward to taking it again!”

“SVS classes are very creative and fun, allowing young women to dance and network. We are able to express ourselves through dance in our own unique styles.”

"SVS dance classes are great. The instructors are great, and their routines are fun and unique."

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